16 Oct

Celebrating Children’s Week – How Kid’s Play Lights Up the World

Learning Child supports Children’s Week and its celebration of the right of children everywhere to play and to enjoy their childhood. This annual event running on 19 -27 October 2013 also provides focus for children to demonstrate their skills, talents and abilities at this time.

Held also in conjunction with UNICEF’s Day for Children (Universal Children’s Day), the week highlights the need to provide children with the basic necessities of food, education and health for a better outcome of development and a happy childhood. We are called to provide a greater response to address the needs of children, especially in societies where children are denied basic necessities.

One such story we would like to share at Learning Child is about children in a town of Koni Kablu in Ghana. In a country of great poverty, where most homes have no electricity, darkness descends in Ghana for 12 hours in a day. People of this country so close to the equator, live half of their lives in darkness. Children in Koni Kablu spend most of the day working and helping their families in farms, and can only study after dark if their families have a kerosene lantern.

Through the idea of one man, children’s energy at play on school merry-go-rounds is harnessed to provide energy for batteries later used to light up these lanterns. Ingenious! Retired engineer Ben Markham of Empower Playgrounds had observed that the average 8 to 12 year old child generates about 150 watts of energy per hour. This combined energy is harnessed by a playground system, stored in battery packs used to power LED lanterns which the children use to study. It is a literal and figurative concept of how children at play light up the world!

On a local note, there will be a multitude of activities and events around Australia celebrating Children’s Week hosted and supported by schools, libraries, childcare centres and other community groups. We will be featuring some of these activities in our Facebook page, so stay tuned. In the meantime, Learning Child is also celebrating Children’s Week by offering a 5% discount on all toys ordered online from 17 Oct – 31 Oct 2013.

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