Little Tyro NUMERACY Essentials Pack – Blue


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Consisting of six Numeracy products, this pack aims to build confidence and prepare children for school. All six products come packaged in a gorgeous ‘designer’ boy (blue) or girl (pink) carry case. An essential for all young learners.

  • Builds counting skills
  • Develops number familiarisation
  • Assists with naming and describing familiar shapes
  • Promotes days of the week and months of the year
  • Assists young learners in understanding the language of left and right
  • Helps children read the time and explore an analogue clock

Support your child’s early learning with this beautifully designed ‘Numeracy Essentials Pack.’

Value pack! Contents valued at $119.70.

For more information on the contents of the essentials pack, go to our Numeracy Essentials information page.


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