WEDGiTS On Wheels (WOW)

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The WEDGiTS on Wheels (WOW) 60-piece building kit includes translucent base blocks, eXPANsion framing parts, two-part hub assemblies and sporty, 6.5″ wheels. With an included set of instructions, kids can assemble a 4-wheeled, rolling WEDGiTS™ vehicle. Numerous mobile designs can be created in two-wheel, three-wheel and other four-wheel layouts.

The three dimensional layout of WEDGITS™ rhombus and eXPANsion parts help to inspire artistic character through open-ended design capability. The nested building block design of WEDGITS™ provides endless hours of fun while enhancing your child’s cognitive thinking processes and problem solving skills. With this WEDGiTS, you can also create 100s of creatures, super-structures, mechanically leveraged designs, art-forms, galactic spacecraft, and, of course the unique, rolling-WEDGiTS-vehicles.

Compatible with standard WEDGiTS products. Award winning educational toy!

Ages 6 to 103


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