17 Nov

Using Your Imagination with WEDGiTS

We often refer to building blocks as the start or foundation of something basic and important. In the realm of children’s education, building blocks have the same significance. Research has shown that building blocks such as WEDGiTS toys encourage creative thinking and spatial reasoning.

Children are presented with a pile of WEDGiTS blocks and see the fun and challenge of construction. Planning and logical thinking come into play as each child imagines what to build and how to create their building block design. Questions such as: how many blocks do I need to build this? does this blue block go under, above or beside the red block ? both offer learning insights to the concepts of measurement and counting which are basic mathematical skills. It allows the child to explore an idea and visualise how this idea or design can look from different perspectives or dimensions (spatial ability).

Imagine a richer play experience for your child when variances of colour, shape, size and number are introduced to a toy. Instead of just simple square blocks, what if you added 5 more colours, 3 octahedrons and obelisks? This range of choice and shapes adds a complexity to the fun and learning offered by the Wedgits Imagination 25 piece set.

Stimulate your children’s imagination and get their creative juices flowing with WEDGiTS building blocks designed to encourage mathematical problem solving. It’s a great opportunity for parents to sit down and engage with their pre-school children and get kids engaged in learning and play.

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